Educational Sciences Laboratory



Educational Sciences Laboratory

Laboratoire des Sciences de l’Education

Université Pierre-Mendès-France, Grenoble

Researchers of the Educational Sciences Laboratory at the Pierre-Mendès-France University of Grenoble study a variety of topics within educational science. In particular, educational settings are investigated as situations in which people interact in groups at different levels, such as a school and a classroom, an institute for vocational training, or still a country’s educational system. Those settings often involve new teaching practices or information and communication technology. Research conducted in the Laboratory of Educational Sciences studies the properties of those systems, practices and technologies and their effects of the teaching, learning and behavior. A common goal resides in the analysis and modeling educational phenomena. Modeling, as a scientific endeavor, involves going back and forth between theory and data collected through empirical research. Researchers of the Laboratory of Educational Sciences aim to contribute to the construction of the intermediary between theory and structured observations. This activity often entails a simplification of reality and at the same time necessitates a high level of formalism.

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