December 19, 2013

Opening conference:

Prof Ulrich TEICHLER
International Centre for Higher Education Research,
Kassel, Germany

Internationally Mobile Academics: What Is Common Among Heterogeneous Biographies?


We tend to define those academics professionally active at institutions of higher education and research institutes as mobile who had noteworthy experiences in a country or in several countries different from that their current major professional assignment. This might have taken very different forms, and these forms might be very important for the value of their international experience for their current academic work. For example academics might be migrants who spent part of their early life in another country than that of their youth or might have parents who migrated to the respective countries. Or they might have been internationally mobile for short-term study, for a degree study or for doctoral. Or they might have been mobile in the course of their post-doctoral academic career for visits and sabbatical, for intensive cooperation in research in teaching, or their might have been professionally mobile across borders. The “value” of these international experiences might range from handicaps, via occasional events, cultural enrichment, comparative expertise to completely unique paradigms based on the breadth of international experiences, but possibly is valuable consistently in calling into question the “normality” of national experience. The presentation can draw a survey of more than 20,000 academics in almost 20 countries – among them one third internationally experienced in one way or other.   



The weather could be very cold and snowy in Grenoble in the end of december and we are going to take the cablecar to eat in a restaurant on a hill. Please, take some warm clothes and shoes thursday evening

December 20 2013  

Closing conference:

John Brennan John Brennan
Professor of Higher Education Research

The Open University

Higher education and mobility - its professional, geographical and social forms and the relationships between them



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A free guided walking tour of the city of Grenoble will be offerded to those who will stay on saturday morning.

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